The Secret To Wealth Generation

The secret to investing is possible with the following simple yet effective investment strategy:

  • Purchase investments regularly

  • Have a long term approach

  • Reinvest all income

  • Review portfolio and sell non-performing investments

  • Repeat the process

As you can see, wealth generation through investing is not as complicated or ambiguous as you may have initially have thought. Whilst this strategy may seem effective on its own, it must be accompanied with quality investment advice to truly succeed in today’s financial climate. Rodney Fox and his team are able to assist to ensure you receive tailored advice to meet your goals and position you positively for the future.

Case Study

To know if you have the right attitude to investing, pertaining the following attributes will ensure you and your financial advisor are cohesive in the goals and outcomes that you as an investor are aiming to achieve.

  • Commitment for a minimum of 20 years

  • Desire to keep the portfolio fresh and relevant

  • Accept market risk

  • Regularly contribute cash to assist in the growth of your portfolio

  • Maintain a financially conservative style of living

For further information, explore the General Discussion About Investing shared by Rodney Fox to prepare you for your journey to financial success.

General Discussion About Investing

Rodney Fox shares a general discussion about the type of investor that will be successful and how their income might be distributed. Here is a snapshot of what is discussed:

  • A successful investor has discipline

  • A successful investor has a long term approach (20 years+)

  • A young investor with discipline will have a high valued portfolio by 40

  • An investor in their later years will focus on handing on their wealth.

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